To great evils, the great means. The council for the département of the Aude will vote Monday, October 22, € 37 million of additional funds to help the victims of the deadly floods of the beginning of the week, and engage in the first work of renovation. The region of Occitania, chaired by Carole Delga (PS), will propose an investment plan of € 25 million, which will be voted on on the 16th November, according to a press release from the community.

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the floods, stemming from an episode in a mediterranean-type cevennes, have caused the death of 14 people in the Aude. More than 70 people have been injured and hundreds have been affected. On Friday, the first of them – about 600 – have received a cheque to help with funds made available by the State and the department. This aid amounts to 500 euros per adult and € 200 per child.

the Beginning of the reconstruction

For their part, fifteen of the departments of France have announced donations in favour of the Aude, for an amount of € 3 million. “We are already receiving the assistance of several municipalities. It will be reserved for disaster-struck municipalities in the form of a fund of aid for the reconstruction assistance, ” said André Viola, president of the departmental council of the Aude.

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In his department, the first reconstruction work began as soon as Thursday. on the fifty roads closed to traffic on Monday, two-thirds of which were reopened on Friday. Has Villegailhenc, where a bridge was swept away by the flood of the Trapel, cutting the town in two, a temporary bridge will be routed within a period of four weeks.

surveys are also underway on the works of art affected by the floods. In all, 20 million euros will be reserved by the department for these facilities.

on Monday, the president of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, has to go in the Aude. “We expect a strong gesture of the State with financial commitments,” said Mr. Viola. Out of the 126 communes affected, for which the state of natural disaster has been recognized, ” 122 are rural. If there is no solidarity strong, they shall not rise “, he warned, calling for a “flexible” for administrative procedures, including for the payment of advances to the communes.

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A répresident shows the level reached by the’water during floods à Villegailhenc, près of Carcassonne, in the south of France. The level reached Monday morning by the flood à Trèbes, in the vallée de l’Aude, is without précédent since 1891, the c’isà-dire « not far from a seven-mètres », a déclaré à l’AFP the service Vigicrues.


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