Apple has promised to donate $ 30 million as part of a program to achieve racial justice. According to CNBC, the money will be spent on projects to ensure equality in educational and scientific institutions.

The company plans to work with California State University and partner colleges to launch a global innovation center for teaching Latinos, focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Apple will provide the project with technical and design support. And together with the University of Tennessee, the tech giant will increase the number of programming centers in historically “black” colleges and universities. Code writing training will become available in 11 more institutions, the total number of which will reach 45.

Four organizations headed by blacks, Latinos and Indians dealing with the environmental agenda will receive funding from Apple. Seven more grants will go to institutions that support racial justice. The company will also work with community colleges on programs that help prisoners and parolees learn new skills. The project should reduce the level of recidivism.

Jeff Bezos ‘ ex-wife also donated a large sum to achieve racial equality. Mackenzie Scott has transferred more than $ 1.6 billion to educational non-profit organizations, colleges and universities. Most of this amount was directed to historically “black” educational institutions and educational institutions for Latinos.