It is planned to transfer the contract production of proprietary chips from 2024 to an enterprise in Arizona. This was informed by the American corporation Apple, on November 16, Bloomberg reports.

It is known that at a working meeting with engineers and employees of Apple’s trade in Germany, the CEO of the corporation Tim Cook announced plans to move production to the United States. In the future, it is also planned to order the production of microchips in the European Union.

In the case of the release in America, there will be no change of contract manufacturer. This is the former TSMC, which is working on the construction of this factory in Arizona. However, the supply chain should be reduced. At the same time, it also reduces dependence on Asian supplies.

Initially, the TSMC plant in Arizona was designed for 20 thousand plates with a diameter of 300 millimeters with microcircuits, which are manufactured according to the 5 nm process technology, per month. The latest systems on the Apple chip are produced according to the 4 nm process technology (an improved version of 5 nm) and the transition to 3 nm is expected soon.

In this regard, there are two ways: Apple can produce chips in the USA that are not the most demanding to the subtleties of the technological process, and TSMC can transfer the enterprise to the possibility of producing 3 nm chips.