The American company Apple wanted to buy the Chinese ByteDance American business TikTok. Axios reported, citing sources.

Buy TikTok would be an atypical deal for Apple, because, on the one hand, Chinese social network is a cross — platform application, meaning that it works not only on iOS. On the other, TikTok is a headache from a political point of view, the newspaper writes.

Earlier interest in buying the social network was expressed by the company Microsoft. The U.S. government has set for the deal strict limits: it must close before September 15, 2020. Otherwise the social network will be blocked on the territory of the United States.

In addition, the us authorities believe that either the seller or the buyer should remit to the U.S. Treasury interest after the closing of the transaction. American President Donald trump explained his statement that without the participation of the White house deal would not have been possible. The Chinese side meanwhile expressed outrage at pressure from Washington and accused him of trying to steal TikTok.