Apple wants to make iPhone a digital passport of the person. According to the plan kupertinovtsy, the device can be replaced by a passport, driving licence and other important documents. It is reported resource

Electronic copies of the above documents will be stored directly in the device. Apple has filed a series of patent applications under the common title Claims of Providing Verified User Identity. They describe methods of storing and using digital ID.

the Publication notes that Apple’s plan to digitize world’s most successful works: if with the release of Apple Pay, people have forgotten about paper money, in iOS 14, which will be released in autumn, will be a function of open the car using the smartphone. It is therefore possible that in a few years we will cease to carry paper documents.

the Idea of reprovisioning documents is not new. In late may, Minkomsvjazi proposed to conduct an experiment in which residents of Moscow will be able to use the mobile app instead of a passport. It is expected that by August 31 will be created by the application and its infrastructure, and its use will be from December 1 this year.