Apple and Google are going to track the contacts with people infected with coronavirus

Apple and Google announced about working together on a technology for smartphones that detects contact with an infected coronavirus people. It will warn users about the need to go into quarantine.

In statements of the companies said that the technology of contact tracing will run in two stages. Apple and Google will create a software interface in may, it will allow the gadgets on Android and IOS to interact with applications in health systems.

In the second stage, competitors will develop a Bluetooth-based platform for contact tracing, which will be built into the operating system. It will be developed in the coming months.

the companies noted that the priorities in this case are for them to become “privacy, transparency and harmony.” Apple and Google have promised to report about the work on contact tracing for the analysis of the comers.

Bloomberg Experts believe that infected with coronavirus will add the data to the application, and users, with whom he had contact in the previous days, you will receive a notification about the risk of infection. That is, in their opinion, the system will work.