Anzor of Kavazashvili twice became the champion of the USSR in the composition of “Spartacus” and “torpedo”, twice voted the best goalkeeper of the country. On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the legendary footballer talked to the correspondent “RG”.

Anzor of Oberkovich, today you have a birthday. Allow me to congratulate you.

Anzor of Kavazashvili: Thank you very much “to the Russian newspaper” that you don’t forget about me! Very nice. Honestly, I love the holidays and always seriously prepared. In this day you can gather all your closest people who are respected and valued. But this time all my attempts to get everyone into the restaurant for obvious reasons did not succeed. Coronavirus all plans. All my friends from the world of medicine, great academics, including Leo Bokeria, who’s been my friend for many years, advised me to postpone the celebration until the fall. Gritting his heart, I had to agree, because health comes first. But there are positive aspects. On Friday I was called by the head coach of Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. He was upset that on July 19 will not be able to attend my birthday because this day should be work in St. Petersburg at the Cup match between “Zenith” and “Spartak”.

What would you wish for?

Anzor of Kavazashvili: I wish not only to himself but to all Russians that our country was calm, over all these diseases. So we were able to meet with you and discuss, for example, about football. Could argue about how we have a great or not so the championship. I want this, but otherwise I’m surrounded by caring, loving people. And the age? It does not prevent me (laughs).

you had a glorious playing career. Is there a match that is remembered to this day?

Anzor of Kavazashvili: Alas, I immediately recall the match against Uruguay at the world Cup. That game and the defeat has cost me my career class goalkeeper. About that bloody goal after a mistake of the judge, not noticing that the ball went out of play, I lost the title of best goalkeeper in the world. And upon arriving home, she cried. That is the worst in his career. Although to complain of destiny, I have no right. Football brought me success in life, low to the goalkeeper, my height is about 178 cm, I have achieved a lot. On the background of the same Yashin, Rudakova, and many others, whose growth under two meters, I was able to get the right to play opening two world Championships. Imagine how it is honorable. And a bronze award in 1966 – a success which is still not recycled. I’m the only one in the world goalkeeper of Georgian, which has a bronze medal of the world Championships! In Batumi built a stadium and people gathered signatures to have him called my name. They told me in 2013, made an honorary citizen of the city of Batumi. It’s nice.

goal Keeper is a profession, it requires calm on the field. And here the goalkeeper – a man with a hot temper.

Anzor of Kavazashvili: Good question. In England we had the senior coach Nikolai Morozov. And he always spoke in surprise at all: “Anzor, I can’t understand you. You’re emotional, temperamental, hot. Blood boils! But you even to branch put you quietly to sleep.” I had a very good nervous system. And jitters that are common to many goalies, I almost did not happen. Even if I started to get very nervous during the warm-up all took place.

the Goalkeeper is the most important position on the field?

Anzor of Kavazashvili: Is a special position. Goalkeepers are the most intelligent, calm, calculating, Mature and confident players on the field. And they are the main core of the football team, linking all the lines from defence to attack. Let’s see if the team has a great goalkeeper they are a great team. If the goalkeeper is not very good, then the team will be the same. That’s why Lev Yashin loved our players. They believed him and took the field with confidence in your goalkeeper. And in the process of our joint work this confidence is passed on from Yashin to me.

Over the years, the actions of the goalkeeper has changed dramatically. Who was harder – you or the current generation?

Anzor of Kavazashvili: right Now, our goalkeepers was less work. Previously, we were focused on outputs. When the sheds came on all the balls, trying to help the defenders. And it was very complicated, especially for me with my height. After all, there are healthy guys came to knock… Now guardians of the gates were less likely to play out. Lev Ivanovich Yashin went to the 11-meter mark, he taught it to me.

Who notice of Russian modern goalkeepers? Maybe you notice that someone is similar to you?

Anzor of Kavazashvili: the Current guys are all a head taller than me, and even more. On character I note Igor Akinfeev – he’s 17 years old in CSKA took the place of the main squad, has long been the number one team. And had the courage to announce the departure of the team. Sorry that after today no one the same cool Russian goalkeeper. Guilherme, of course, well done, but he was already 30 years old. Andrey Lunev, Matthew Safonov, Spartak Maksimenko are not yet ready for this role. And now Cherchesov dilemma – whom he set in the gate.

your birthday will host the semi-finals of the Russian Cup “Zenit” – “Spartak”. Will it look?

Anzor of Kavazashvili: of Course! I’ve read the message in social networks from a very serious fan of “Spartacus” that the team needs to win in order to present a gift to the anniversary of Anzor Kavazashvili. So for the match is home team to keep going.