Hans Vanwijn (25), the later in Antwerp, belgium. The forward is going to be looking for a new challenge,” and will be leaving at the end of the season. The Person has played it since at least 2017 for the Giants.

“It was a strange way for the season to end,” he writes on Instagram. “Over the past three seasons, we will have great stuff with a 2 bekerzeges, and the Final Four in the Champions League final and two finals in Belgium. I want to see the fans, my teammates, the staff, and everyone else who is involved in the Antwerp Giants, thank you for the support. Once a Giant, always a Giant. I’m looking forward to the next challenge.”

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What a weird way to end the season! We have accomplished some great things in the past 3 years. Production of 2 Hefty, cups, game the 2 play-off finals and making it to the Final Four of the Champions League. I want to thank the fans, my teammates, staff members, and everybody else who was part of the Antwerp Giants, the organisation for the endless support. Looking forward to the next challenge. It has been a real Antwerp’, ‘ once a Giant, always a Giant! ??

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