An Italian man is facing a fine after a bizarre stunt in which he tried to avoid getting the Covid vaccine but still obtain a health pass by wearing a fake arm, after restrictions were announced for unvaccinated people.

The incident, which happened in the northern Piedmont region, saw the 50-year-old anti-vaxxer don a silicone prosthetic limb while attending his appointment, to avoid actually receiving the vaccine into his body.

However, his bizarre stunt was foiled when he lifted up his sleeve and the health worker realized that the colors of the fake arm and his skin differed. While the man attempted to convince the doctor to overlook it, they refused.

Filippa Bua, who was administering the vaccine, said she “felt offended” by the attempt to deceive her, though she conceded the prosthetic was “well made.”

Piedmont’s president, Alberto Cirio, commended the medic’s response in a joint statement with the region’s health councilor, Luigi Icardi, saying: “The promptness and skill of the health worker ruined the plans of this person, who will now have to respond to the judiciary.”

The two Italian officials claimed the incident would “border on the ridiculous” if it was not a situation of “enormous gravity,” decrying the man’s “unacceptable” actions in the “face of the sacrifice that the pandemic is making the whole community pay.”

Having been caught, the unnamed man is now reportedly under investigation by authorities and faces a potential fine of hundreds of euros.

The attempt to deceive the health worker comes after Italy tightened its national Covid restrictions, announcing that from December 6 it will require people to be fully vaccinated to attain a “super green pass” in order to access indoor public venues.