Anti-Republican partisans online appeared to abandon any pro-women and pro-immigrant rhetoric to mock Melania Trump’s accent, appearance and even to doubt her visa following the first lady’s RNC speech.

In her address at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, Melania urged to “stop the violence” at the ongoing anti-racism protests, and expressed her sympathies for Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

The speech’s substance was largely ignored by some Twitter users, who went on to ridicule the first lady for being an immigrant from Slovenia.

The criticism of Melania often came down to her having a noticeable accent. “She still can’t speak English,” tweeted actress Bette Midler during the speech.

Melania has coaches who should help her with her English. She’s the fu*king First Lady!

Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.

Other comments included speculation that Melania’s so-called ‘Einstein’ visa from 2001 was fake. Again, Midler chimed in to call the first lady an “illegal alien” who needed to be taken off the stage.

When Melania came to the US she was an illegal sex working immigrant who married a man for a fake visa and then brought her whole family over through chain migration which your party hates so much. Also sex work, and christian values don’t go to together !

#beBest is back! A UGE bore! She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!

Some of Melania’s other detractors made jokes about her appearance, and condemned her doing nude modeling in the 90’s.

Melania, “please phone home”

Watching Melania last night I could not stop visualizing her standing their naked as we have seen pics !

All these sentiments seemed to go against the Republican’s opposition’s usual advocacy towards respect for women and immigrants. And this contradiction was not lost on either the left or the right.
Self-described proud socialist” podcaster Ryan Night called the comments “beyond gross,” and said that “liberals were so bad” that he “had to” defend the Republican first lady.

When Liberals are so bad that you have to defend Melania Trump. This is beyond gross @BetteMidler and I am no fan of the First Lady. You have become what you think you are “resisting.”

Lauren Boebert, Republican nominee for Congress in Colorado, pondered if this was “the tolerance and love” the Democratic Party claims to preach.

Bette Midler referred to Melania Trump as an illegal immigrant during her speech last night & even had the nerve to criticize her English (she speaks five languages, Bette).Is this the tolerance and love that the Democrat Party refers to?#RNC2020

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