A shooting in an Istanbul cafe left three people dead on Thursday evening. Another five people were injured in the altercation.

According to the Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet”, a violent incident occurred in the metropolis of Istanbul on Thursday evening. According to the report, a clash broke out in a café in the Üsküdar district between two hostile groups that had originally come together for peace talks. The situation escalated and shots were fired, killing three people and wounding another five.

The Istanbul Governor’s Office confirmed the incident: “A discussion between two groups in a cafe on Ayazma Street developed into an armed conflict at around 8:10 p.m.” The police’s discovery of numerous bullet casings at the crime scene supports this statement.

Among the wounded were two seriously injured people who were taken to hospitals for further treatment. The governor’s office added in the statement: “The investigation into the incident is ongoing.” It is unclear what exactly sparked the conflict and whether there have been any arrests in the case.

The police cordoned off the crime scene and secured evidence, as shown in footage from the DHA news agency. There are always clashes in Turkey, some of which involve firearms.