In the vicinity of Noyabrsk, the locals captured a rare for the North region bird – white stork. Her photo appeared in the city group Instagram. Stork caught the eye of local cottagers. According to witnesses, the bird was quiet.

As noted Yamal ornithologists, the stork for the first time in their memory goes that far North. The habitat of the bird is located far to the West and South. As a rule, not the stork flies to the East of Central Russia. The bird winters in Africa, Pakistan and Northwest India.

Previously “FederalPress” wrote about the arrival on the Yamal rare white owl. A bird not seen in the city of Sochi and its surroundings. One of the representatives of this species even picked up on the road between Muravlenko with the November. As it turned out, she had a damaged wing. The owl managed to smuggle in a kennel in the Kemerovo region.

Last fall, residents of Noyabrsk saw in the city of white Sparrow. Albino splashing in a puddle in the company of counterparts with normal color. Ornithology note that the sparrows are albinos occur in nature, but very rarely.