Time prolonged isolation ISA Anokhina decided not to waste. She had plastic surgery, which, according to her, had long dreamed of.

“I have fulfilled my dream and did edge up,” she previously wrote on instagram.

However, the period of rehabilitation was much more difficult than she thought.

And here ISA shared with subscribers of new problems. She had terrible bruising under the eyes, severe swelling, and even an anxiety attack.

Fortunately, the girl was not timid, and myself did the injections, to cope with this condition.

“in the morning the swelling was *** strong, I even took a panic attack on that background! Left one at home, **** not seeing, I managed to inject myself in the ass decongestant and analgesic… then came all my favorites and saved me with your love and care,” she complained.

Subscribers will actively discussing the feasibility of such suffering. There was a girl who had already made kind of surgery (she was referring to their instagram pics).

The effect for which it was necessary to go to a serious financial expenditure, and endure physical suffering., gone in a year.

“I Have a photo after surgery . The effect is small, at most . There is not even a physician , and physiology. I write all this to the fact that money only waste , but it was more 100tr and a hell of pain and General anesthesia,” – shared his story podistica.

But Anokhin does not think to be discouraged – on the contrary, it can not wait, when the appearance returns to normal and you can enjoy the results achieved “of outshining”.

By the way, this operation from the ISA is not the first, which she hides.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, recently it became known that the 35-year-old Svetlana Anokhina broke up with her second husband Vladimir Anaheim, which gave birth to the son of Elvis.

Then she stated that she does not plan anybody to fall in love and generally tired men. the

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