“The principle of demanding and promoting is given up by the citizen money,” criticized the deputy leader of the Union faction to the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

Despite numerous vacancies, the coalition’s plans would undermine incentives to take up work. “As a result, benefit receipt is cemented and demotivation is promoted instead of taking up work,” warned Dobrindt. “While skilled workers are being sought all over the country, the traffic light promotes the way to receiving social benefits and also creates new incentives for immigration into our social system,” criticized the CSU politician.

The factions of the SPD, Greens and FDP had tightened the federal government’s original draft law after criticism from the Union, including the assumption of heating costs and a now required self-assessment of existing assets.

The Greens have slipped to their lowest level in more than half a year. You can read about the winners and losers of the Sunday trend here.

No more fun: the skyrocketing prices are also causing problems for the carnival clubs. The advance sales figures for the coming season are so bad for some clubs that meetings are already being canceled.