the great Anne-Marie Blanc would be the last Monday 100 years old. Over seven decades, in 1919, in Vevey VD-born actress embodied around 250 roles in Film, television and on stage. Her initial breakthrough came in 1941 in “Gilberte de Courgenay” by Franz Schnyder (1910-1993).

In February 2009, died Blanc 89-year-old in retirement homes Zurich-Enge, thirty years after her husband, Heinrich Fueter (1911-1979), with whom she had three sons: Peter-Christian (77), Martin A. (74) and Daniel (69). So far it was not known where Blanc found their final resting place. Also, because you are your privacy is always consistently covered had kept. Such a VIEW has now learned from family circles, was scattered her ashes in the lake Sils in the Swiss Canton of Graubünden. Out of a deep love, it was her overwhelming desire to be in the immediate vicinity of her husband was buried. On 1800 meters above sea level between Sils and Maloja in the upper Engadine lake has always fascinated the mind and culture of sizes, from Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) about Thomas Mann (1875-1955) to Marcel Proust (1871-1922).

“I had to in the Engadine often cry”

During their joint life time of mutual played free room an important role. “Maybe we can, therefore, lead a fairly well-functioning marriage,” said Blanc in an Interview shortly before her death. “My husband lived the last years of his life in the Engadine, which he loved since his youth.” Also because of him as an asthmatic, the air got. “I stayed in Zurich. The mountain climate overwrought me, I had to cry in the Engadine often. We have then on the phone almost every day with each other.”

they had Met in 1939 at a Ball in Zurich’s Hotel Baur au Lac. “He has thrown himself right at the entrance to me and my girlfriend and us a table organised. I felt the whole evening, as he watched me. He was interested in lawyer, 27, already at that time, in acting.” Fueter was also supported as a producer your career. First, in Praesens, and from 1941 at the Gloria film AG, in 1947, he founded his own company, Condor film.

“longing for the mainland,”

On a Hollywood career, renounced Blanc for the benefit of the family. “I was like a sailor. If he is outside, he has a longing for the mainland, if he is on Land he’s longing for the sea. I had the profession very much. But the family also.” A new Liaison was not an option for you after the death of her husband in question. “I had opportunities, but I came to Compare. If you were with a big personality, it is later difficult.”

The birthday of the family has committed in the Hôtel de la Gare in Courgenay JU, where Blanc’s career started and that is to commemorate the movie since 2001 “La Petite Gilberte”. Also, the SRF pays homage to her career: at The conclusion of a longer series Marie runs next Saturday “-Louise” of 1944 (SRF 1, 14.10 PM).