Anna Banshchikova for filming dressed the daughter in the son

For residents of Gelendzhik and its surroundings “Bloodhound” was not just a series, where one of the characters — his hometown, and exciting event in which to participate. So, for one of the episodes of the second season the crew took twenty cats. In the story, the main character lost a pet, her colleagues pasting the ads that vividly respond to all the local idlers and drinkers. They bring to the house of the investigator two dozen cats. Centralized search of animals in such a situation could take a lot of time, so the assistant Director asked the extras to bring their Pets and local agreed.

“the Bloodhound” can hardly be called bloodthirsty project, however detectives do not happen without blood. It is noteworthy that the shooting of the solution simulating blood is of different types: for wounds on the body and one that is applied to the actors face. In the latter case, the solution is food and can swallow. Moreover, for the comfort of actors and fake blood for the face provide different flavors, such as tomato juice or berry juice. But for heroes “Bloodhounds” did refreshing the blood with the taste of menthol.

a Rare series of draft without body, but sometimes fantasy writers played in earnest. Once in the course of only one day it took twelve dead bodies and it was one of the bests of the series.

the Stunts that the audience can see in the picture, most likely will not get in the stunt encyclopedia, but many of them required hard work. In one series of a vehicle which is traveling Alexander Kushnir, Boris Nenashev and two person involved in the investigation is being fired and the car crashes into a ditch, the windshield shatters, the companions of the investigators perish. When filming the scene in the car was the only stuntman in a protective mask. The car fell into a ditch, it is carefully inspected for safety and then put in it two dead and surviving heroes.

During the filming between the participants in the process have developed an almost family relationship, so the loss of the Director of the series all felt very hard. Dmitry Brusnikin, who filmed three seasons of “sniffer dogs”, died in the summer of 2018 at the age of sixty from heart failure. The fourth season filmed Andrew Golovkov, who previously worked on “Junior”, and according to all actors, the new Director managed to keep the original atmosphere of “the Hounds”.

it’s No secret that the popular TV series is an adaptation of the successful us project The Closer, aired for seven seasons. The producers of the original format very meticulously control the transfer of their offspring to other realities and are always present on the set. “We have visited the American producers watched how it all happened, — says Anna Banshchikova. And so they sat in front of the monitor and watched, then I was approached by the Executive producer, hugged me and said, “Thank you, you feel this character. Good for you!”

the Most devoted fans of Alexandra Kushnir may have noticed that from season to season vary not only in official and personal circumstances in which turns out to be the heroine of Anne of Bandicoot, but also her image. In the first season Kushnir mother’s daughter, and in fact the little girl in colourful outfits. In the second season, the investigator gains experience and often wears a beige coat, a sheath, obviously migrated to it from the image of the famous American TV detective Colombo.

In the third season Kushnir wears high heels and wears pretty modest clothes, which makes her look older. And in the fourth she “dresses” in a happy family woman and sometimes confused by the superiors of their comfortable and fashionable clothes.

by the Way, family happiness Anna Banshikova helped to play and her little daughter Mary. Girl in the project has long been its people. Anna came to the set of the second and third seasons of a month after the birth of a daughter, so the baby was all the time near the scene of action. And here she was in the frame, and in the role of the boyand. “Two years is almost impossible someone else’s child to force him to call you mom – even harder to make it sound so warm, so removed my daughter, — says the actress. And it was the idea of Dmitry Vladimirovich Brusnikina to Masha played a boy.”

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