In the context of the “total war” declared by the minister of finance, Berat Albayrak to inflation, the Turkish authorities will not go there with the back of the spoon. Economic crisis forces, the municipal police has been given a new mission : to counter the waltz of the labels. Across the country, police in uniform were seen in the process of checking the price of goods on the shelves of supermarkets. Traders unscrupulous, under threat of financial penalties if they increase the prices, have been warned. The prices of some food, bread in particular, have been frozen. Against the speculators, the mobilization is meant to general.

” I appeal to my people. He alone is able to closely monitor what is happening in the grocery stores. If the prices are excessive, it is necessary that it shall immediately notify the municipal police, ” explained the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during a meeting with activists of his party, the AKP (Party of justice and development, islamic-conservative), Wednesday 3 October. He reacted to the bad news announced a little earlier by the Turkish statistical Institute (TÜIK), namely, that the inflation rate had increased to 24.5 % annual rate in the month of September, its highest level for fifteen years. A real snub to the government. There needed to be a responsible. Enver Asti, the deputy director of the Institute, therefore, has been forced to resign a few hours after having passed the high place to the latest figures of inflation.

” it is Not easy to keep my budget to balance.. Everything is increasing so quickly, the food, the gas, the electricity, only the wages remain stable. “Semra, the mother of the family

fifteen years ago, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was elected to the post of prime minister, carried by its promises of prosperity. The economy was in bad shape, inflation was galloping. To start on a solid foundation, it was necessary to devalue the local currency, which they removed six zeroes in January 2005. Subsequently, inflation was brought under control, the prosperity seemed at hand. The dream today has been crumbling for a large part of the population. The depreciation of the currency, which has lost 40% against the dollar since the beginning of the year, the rise in prices, the fall of the level of life give cold sweats to households turks, forced to look twice before embarking on a purchase, however small it may be. “It is not easy to keep my budget to balance,” says Semra, busy shopping after work in a grocery store the popular area of Sisli, in Istanbul. “Everything grows so quickly, the food, the gas, the electricity, only the wages remain stable,” sums up this fifty-year old, employee of a bank, married and the mother of three children.

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The current crisis forced the islamo-conservatives in a constant search for new scapegoats, sometimes outside, sometimes inside of the country. In the month of August, at the height of the crisis diplomatico-trade with the United States, the designated enemy was the dollar, “the lobby” interest rate, of which the profits were “more lucrative than the heroin trade,” according to the number one Turkish, who is prone to talking about “the economic war” triggered by Washington in order to bring Turkey to her knees. The revenge anti-american, in the ranks of the government, is passed to the second plan. Now, the speculators are internal on the harness. Berat Albayrak, who is also the husband of the eldest daughter of Erdogan, has even announced last month the signing of a contract between the government and the cabinet of the american board McKinsey, “responsible for monitoring our achievements each quarter” to work for the recovery of the economy. This choice has this time raised an outcry from the side of the opposition kemalist and a certain panic of the patriots on the social networks, believe that State secrets were going to spend in the hands of the Americans through McKinsey.

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Abdurrahman Dilipak, one of the singers of the AKP, a columnist at the daily pro-government Yeni Akit, is even out of its hinges, promising “hell” to the government ” if it persisted in its decision.” Response of the minister of finance : “Those who refuse to work with McKinsey, are ignorant or traitors. “President Erdogan has put an end to the controversy, Saturday, 6 October, proclaiming the end of the contract with the american firm. “I have given orders to my ministers not to accept his advice “, he concluded.