Sophie Cadieux, Catherine Brunet, Antoine Desrochers, Julie Le Breton, Ludivine Reding and Rodley Pitt lend their voices to the characters of the animated film The Legend of the Butterfly, which will be released in theaters this fall.

Directed by Sophie Roy from a screenplay by Heidi Foss and Lienne Sawatsky, the family feature film tells the story of Patrick, a courageous butterfly who, although he cannot fly because of a wing smaller than the other, wants to participate in the great 5000 km migratory journey of monarch butterflies. The film also paints the portrait of Geneviève, who fights against her panic fear of heights, and of a caterpillar named Martin. During their journey, the three friends will become heroes after having “conquered their fears, accepted their difference and triumphed over natural predators”, specifies a press release.

The Legend of the Butterfly is set to hit theaters on September 22. It is a production of Marie-Claude Beauchamp (CarpeDiem-Canada, the company behind La guerre des tuques 3D) and Emely Christians (Ulysses Films-Germany).