rabbits are not Easter gifts, writes Peta: Around the holidays, pet stores, hardware stores and breeders would advertise reinforced with small animals, and many of the children wanted to the Easter festival, a “real Easter Bunny”.

On the initial euphoria, lack of interest or the realization that the animals are too demanding, however, often. Rabbits are not toys, you could exchange it after the holidays.

animal sponsorships, animals, and non-fiction books

Instead of real animals, Two recommended by the animal protection organization, with gifts, both to prepare as well as four – legged friends a joy. Many animal shelters, Lebenshöfe and animal protection groups could consist of, for example, animal sponsorships.

For animal lovers children, stuffed animals, or books in which you could gain Knowledge about animals were. The case, after careful Consideration, however, to give the decision, a animal companions a home, should families have to adopt this a shelter or a foster home.