A misfortune that occurs to often: A dead bird was lying in the Neighbor’s yard, probably in a disc flew. Every day, more than 250’000 birds in Europe die from this senseless death – they fly around in reflective discs, as they are in modern buildings are often used. By the way, a good excuse for people to spend their leisure time with activities other than window cleaning: Dirty discs can save lives. And otherwise the bird has Sempach on your website about tips for clean more specimens among us.

But actually, today I want to tell a positive story. The dead bird was a blackcap. One of the few species that defy the global Trend: While the populations of many animals go back to those of the blackcap – at least in Switzerland. Due to the rising temperatures, they will remain in the Winter, more often in here.

conform to

The blackcap is with us more often as the Blackbird, blue tit or Robin. Up to 800’000 breeding pairs of the bird appreciates waiting the stock. Especially around cities and urban areas, it grows – the expression of a high level of adaptability. And yet, many people do not know the blackcap. Therefore, it fits in the series “Anonymous local residents – the animals on our doorstep, of which you’ve never heard of” (now episode 4).

How her Beak has grown

from the Outside, the blackcap has, at least, a striking feature: the black spring cap, which bear the male (reddish-brown in females). Unlike the dress, the beautiful singing is spectacular. Maybe you have listened to in the spring of the flute tones already, without knowing who caused them as a lightweight terminals in the thoracic, because it is so beautiful.

The blackcap sings actually like your Beak is grown, The young male birds take the song of adult animals. So have developed in the distribution areas of different dialects.

The dead blackcap stored now in the basement of the natural history Museum, and serves as a science, what makes your death a little less pointless. Many natural history museums are, by the way, glad to be Dead.

Simon Jäggi (39) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.