the Fuss in the netherlands. The flamboyant chairman of the football club Sion is set earlier in the month, for nine (!) the players, on the streets, in his own words, because they refused to remain on their payroll. However, two of those men have now been answered. “We did not know what was going on,” said Alex Song.

now, let’s go back to Wednesday, the 18th of march. All of the players of the Swiss and ex-club, among others, Ilombe Mboyo should be before 12: 00 a.m. to let us know whether they are because of the suspension of the league due to the coronacrisis – willing to accept a salary reduction, will be. It was to them a day before, and communicated by sending a message on WhatsApp. Thus, there is little time for the proposal to be presented. A portion of the player base reacted so negatively, and not at the time or not.

Then there were nine players who do not have lay-offs. “We don’t have any income. It is forbidden to use them for work, and for them it is not their job to do it,” they said in a letter to the club. There was the substitute Johan Djourou and ex-Arsenal) this particular Wednesday, however, no one can be reached for questions.

now that we have Djourou and Song were the Christian Zock, Pajtim Kasami, Ermir Lenjani, Xavier Kouassi, Birama Ndoye, Mikael Facchinetti and Seydou Doumbia put out on the street.

“as of ten players in the game, there is a case of a collective dismissal”, has defended president Christian Constantin since he was with the club in 2003 to take over all of the more than 40 trainers are employed themselves. “That’s why I have the nine, the elders picked out. Some of them will have to step up the pace of the younger players in the draft to a point. Their only concern was that they get their full salary and were able to keep. Any information on it? The players were due to write an official letter to us, via the phone, and there was also a video conference for those who want to know more.”

Christian Constantin. Photo: EPA, EFE,


now, with that explanation, and especially the picture of him and his team mates were suspended, can be Djourou not to laugh. Of the 76 times that of the Swiss international, who, along with the other people involved in the spelersvakbond-king – drew a bright-leather-in a comment he gave to France-TV-Sport.

“I’m disappointed and shocked,” said the defender. “It is not what is going to be the alleged behaviour of the players has already been said and written. The club has given me personal harm. Also, with my team mates. This is unacceptable, and that’s why I was there, as a matter of principle, of. I would like to have a new club so I’m going to have my reputation to protect.”

Also, Alex Song and ex-Barcelona, spain), it is not at all pleased about the decision of the president of the FC Sion. “We had to have a piece of paper to sign which we will have $ 12,000 were earned. No explanation for it. I’m a football player, that sort of thing to figure out, it is not my job. I was able to have my signature under this document. We knew nothing about it, and so it was decided to not to do it. We wanted to be the first to submit. All of our clubs to do that in order to find a solution. We understand, therefore, is not what happened here. No one can understand it.”

The Swiss spelersvakbond SAFP is demanding by now that Constantin a decision on his review because of “unfair”.

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