After a short winter break, the “Last Generation” activists are back in full force. In eleven German cities, they stick themselves to the official start of the season on the street to block traffic. The FOCUS online users have a clear opinion on this.

Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Hanover, Heilbronn, Jena, Kempten, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Passau, Reutlingen and Berlin: As announced, the activists swarmed out on Monday morning. In addition to their two well-known demands – 9-euro ticket and speed limit on German autobahns – they now also have the “social council” in their luggage, which “Last Generation” spokeswoman Aimée van Baalen teased a week ago on “Hart aber fair”. .

According to the climate sticker, a social council is “a loose body in which we can decide together how we can escape from this catastrophe”. It is representative, i.e. it depicts Germany on a small scale. “Stop making decisions over our heads to destroy all of our lives!”

The majority of the readers of FOCUS online does not find the climate protests with glue tubes to be expedient:

Paula Barona: “I have to go to work on Monday and go home after work, just like every day. Without work I don’t earn any money and therefore cannot pay my expenses and feed my children. (…)”

Gabi Nierbauer: “I work as a mini-jobber in a university clinic in nursing and drive to work at six o’clock and have to drive on the motorway. Have the climate gluers actually considered that their actions have no effect, but only produce hatred and resentment? How much exhaust fumes are released when traffic is stationary? What do people do who urgently need to go to work/important appointment/anywhere else? Or ambulances, rescue workers, fire brigades, etc.?”

Ramona Petermann writes: “The ‘last generation’ has a blast! They don’t really know anything about life, about the big and small problems of everyday life, about illnesses, about unemployment, about the lack of daycare places, about not having enough money to live on and and and… (…)

Do you really think you can change all of our consciousness with this? Do you really think that more people will give up a car as a result? And so that climate change can be stopped? (…) Chain yourselves in front of government and parliament buildings and ministries, in front of the companies that really damage the environment, and finally leave us alone!”

Lutz Beyer comments: “The concerns of the climate activists, which are not only fundamentally but also absolutely justified, have unfortunately revealed their complete idiocy. Even if the completely exaggerated and simply unrealistic demands were met, it would not change anything about the climate or its change – neither nationally nor globally. On the contrary, because the actions trigger climate-damaging consequences, e.g. B. by traffic jam-related emissions. For this reason alone, uncompromising defense and self-defense is required, not only by the state authorities, but also and especially by society and especially by the intelligent generation.”

Aribert Weinreich: “If you want to do something for climate change, then please plan the actions in China and India. These are the countries that will be blowing huge amounts of CO2 into the environment by then.”

David Braun, on the other hand, thinks: “If I had to drive to work on Monday and the activists prevented me from doing so, it wouldn’t be bad for me, it would be fine. It’s more important to save the world than to go to work. We have no more time. What good is our prosperity if our children and grandchildren perish from it.”

Even the leader of the Greens parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Katharina Dröge, expressed her incomprehension with regard to the renewed road blockades. “What’s the message? What do they want to do?” she asked in the RTL/ntv “early start”. “If they want to tell people, stop driving to work or don’t bring your children to school anymore – action and message don’t go together.”