It is well known that Ja Morant has a lot of self-confidence. Now the young NBA star is said to have messed with basketball icon Michael Jordan. Part of it is true. Another invented. A major US broadcaster fell for it.

The Twitter parody account “Ballsack Sports” has fooled scores of people over the past few months. Even some NBA stars and the broadcaster “Fox News” were victims of the account.

Now “Ballsack Sports” has gotten the US sports broadcaster “ESPN” to broadcast a whole article about a fake quote from NBA young star Ja Morant.

Morant recently made headlines with a Michael Jordan quote when he said he would have “cooked” Michael Jordan if he had played him in the same era. But “Ballsack Sports” picked up this story and expanded it with some fake details.

The fake quotes referred to Michael Jordan being “just” one of many stars in the league in today’s NBA. Back then, in Jordan’s time, there was a superstar and only average players. But Morant never said these sentences.

ESPN picked up these quotes and broadcast them as a news story. While this is quite funny for many fans and also for “Ballsack Sports”, it is very embarrassing for the US popular broadcaster.

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