The history of the legendary group “the time Machine” is inextricably linked with the life story of its leader, Andrei Makarevich.

Now supposed to be her anniversary – in honor of the 50th anniversary since the establishment of the tour, but the pandemic coronavirus has made adjustments.

It tells the portal himself a rock musician finds that his fate was happy.

“of Course, happy, who can argue. Lucky fool” – .laughs the actor.

All his life he was engaged in favourite business, has received national recognition, is alive and well and has found a new love. Unlike many stars who ruined harmful addictions, enemies or health problems.

As it turned out, the rock musician recently got married – no one is announcing this event.

This is the fourth marriage of the head of the “time Machine. But no comments to journalists, he for this reason does not.

“I really don’t like when you start doing public relations in my personal life,” – says Makarevich.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, self-isolation is the best time to do all the household chores, to which previously “did not reach the hands,” said the musician, a member of the public Council of the Duma Committee on culture Andrey Makarevich.