Actually want to drag Andreas Gabalier (35) for more than half a year back, and new projects. His big Comeback is on December 31. July to take place in Bern at the time of his Open-Air-concert at the Bern Expo. However, the current Situation of the Coronavirus has inspired the folk-Rock-‘n’-Roller to new music. In his house in Graz (A), he composed “New Wind”, the Clip he shot with a friend on a empty farm –technical Equipment: a hand-held camera. “In these times, great ideas are in demand,” says the Austrians in a Skype Interview with a VIEW.

This time has me incredibly strong. Since Christmas I’ve taken a step back, because of the Corona-crisis even more intense. A week ago I was thinking about the implications of this crisis, and what opportunities it can give to us. One afternoon I wrote “New Wind”, three night shifts later, the song was produced done.

So clearly, we were never shown how vulnerable we are as a people. But this poses a good opportunity for a rethink.

The company is slowed down. Not everyone realizes that you can eat every night away, to any Party celebration or for a bargain price over the weekend to Majorca to fly. The capitalism in which we live, has been pushed to the Limit. I also have a lot of company owners in the circle of friends that will see that you do not need to fly in the normal case, for Business Meetings halfway around the world. This is also by video conference.

I see young families with children in the woods – the pictures are, which I rather know from my Childhood 30 years ago. I thought people had lost respect for nature. This is beautiful: people living together come closer again, though it distances itself actually physically.

in My opinion, I stand in the political middle, with Extreme I could start something. That’s why it has irritated me for what I had to me, it is all glare at allow. A lot of thought, I wanted to get into politics. But far be it for me. Nevertheless, it is important to me, that in a democracy, instead of hostility will be discussed.

In the past, I always found it a shame how politics poisoned landscape. With the index finger has been shoved each other, the errors and more of each other than to find a compromise. But we currently see that it can be done differently. We all pull together, to cope with this crisis. I hope that the focus in the future on the Together instead of Against each other.

clearly, Yes, at some point will turn this circuit on. The people also waiting and have not lost the optimism that I find beautiful. Whether this will be in the summer again the case, I can’t say. It’s too early, no matter whether for sports or music events.

at the moment, everything is open. I am in constant contact with the organizers, according to them, no Person has given a Ticket back. So the desire is that these concerts take place. If, however, it is not acceptable would be, the Whole to perform, we will need to move Willy-nilly to next year.

I don’t get up at eight or nine o’clock, you can sleep in I. To the noon I’m on the phone with friends and family. Every day I do an hour of sports, whether it’s in my gym or Jogging in the forest. For shopping I go to the farmer’s market, super markets I try to avoid. And in the evening I get all creative up in the night. I don’t watch television, don’t drink alcohol. But boring me is not. As strange as it sounds: I enjoy this time very much. A gear I can switch currently better than ever.

life is not a bed of roses (laughs). Clearly you want and sometimes someone to Lean on. But it is what it is. It is good for me.

not at all. I have a love neighborhood, we drink our morning coffee in the garden and entertain us over the fence. My brother lives very close to my mother, I see via video calls. Today, a life we did not know long reigns. You can see the spring after a very long time to grow back.

the Musical, Almost-lawyer

Andreas Gabalier began to study the law, broke it, because of his musical success, however. In 2011, he celebrated with “I sing a Liad for di” his first Hit, in 2016, be “Hulapalu was” to mega anthem. The suicide of his father in 2006, and his sister two years later, he processed in the song “Amoi seg’ ma us back”. From 2013 to 2019, he was in a relationship with the Austrian TV presenter Silvia Schneider (37).