now, Anderlecht to change the rifle from the shoulder. In an interview with the clubwebsite, says CEO Karel Van Eetvelt, that he lay down with a season without European football, on the condition that European earnings will be redistributed to all clubs. The new big boss of the purple-and-white, there was also the case for the one-off contest at eighteen, without any of the play-offs in 2020-2021.

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“these are hard times for the big RSCA-family.” That is the start of an interview, the CEO Karel Van Eetvelt, and the captain, Vincent Kompany, of itself, showed a decrease in to the website of Anderlecht. The duo also wants to contrast after a long string of negative press reports. The removal of Pär Zetterberg, about the role of Michael Verschueren, up the straddle by Marc Coucke is in the corona-crisis period. Also, the difficult financial situation, and the influence of football agent, Wouter Vandenhaute, will be discussed.

“It bothers me that it comes across as though RSCA is at the expense of everything and wanted to voortvoetballen,” says CEO Karel Van Eetvelt is the much talked about point of view, that of Marc Coucke, within the Pro League. “We didn’t want a knee-jerk decision, and have from the beginning called for an objective debate in which, first of all, the consequences of the current competition, stop looking at me. The response to the post, for example, was written in the stars. The Pro League had a lot of hassles may be avoided due to thoroughly for the kids to do.”

But now the decision is, but Anderlecht’s goal. Van Eetvelt is undisputed that Michael Verschueren of its contacts with the European Club Association (ECA) and UEFA want to Anderlecht to have a chance to win the European football show.

“the decision to make The Jupiler Pro League is taken, and the RSCA to respect that. To start with, you will Michael Verschueren, the decision of his colleagues at the AGENCY, with all the good arguments to defend it. The union has no legal ground in Belgian clubs in the European cups is to avoid it. For those who might doubt this, Michael Verschueren, it will be a worthy champion from the Belgian point of view.”

as Anderlecht, is a season without European football is down, but it does have a price. In order for the debate around the European sites to be judged, as Van Eetvelt for financial compensation.

“The European union can logically be allocated on the basis of the game, after 29 in game days, but the ones on the way into Europe, to show solidarity with the other clubs as well. We propose that for the next three seasons, a substantial portion of the European revenues are divided up between all the clubs.”

the proposal is to be spread over three years, captures a Van Eetvelt, the criticism of the measure, especially in Anderlecht, be. “We are convinced that, with RSCA also have to contribute, because we have the absolute ambition to be starting in the summer of 2021 and again in every season of European play.”

the One-off competition, with eighteen

the Van Eetvelt the option of choosing a position in the debate on the competitieformat. Anderlecht follows the point of view of most of the smaller clubs are calling for a competition to eighteen. For the season, then back to return to the current formula.

“a Sporting level, we believe that it is the only possible conclusion is that in order for the next season in 1A, with 18 teams playing. You don Waasland-Beveren will not be sorry to have the waterkans that they will not be able to take on the 30 day, nevertheless, it still can be saved. Also not having to Oud-Heverlee Leuven and Beerschot, are a disadvantage to the touch. This is true, however, for the next year, the coronacrisis, it is not the time to get a new competitieformat to think about it.”

Coucke turn, step back,

The feeling in the Van Eetvelt, to take a more prominent role in the Belgian football. At the same time, it would be Marc Coucke is a step backward. Well at Anderlecht, where he would evolve into a role as a “ceremonial president”. As for the Pro League, where Coucke’s mandate from the board of directors wants to give up. Van Eetvelt, has the ambition to have a seat in June to take over.

“I know that Marc Coucke is currently under the influence of the game,” says the company’s CEO. “His acquisition of the RSCA is not a success, but now it seems as though Coucke was responsible for everything that goes wrong in Anderlecht. In the short term, it will be Marc, as chair of the RSCA never a good thing to do, and he knows. At my appointment, he made it clear that he will, in the future, with a ceremonial president would be on in the background.”

Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Mea culpa for Zetterberg:

the Van Eetvelt creates a striking mea culpa on the way to the club about the removal of the monument, Pär Zetterberg is communicated to. In a press release, reference was made to the coronacrisis.

“It was a very, very bad at communicating on our end, because of the corona it has, of course, there’s nothing to do with it,” says Van Eetvelt. “I am very shocked at the perception that has been created around and the removal of Pär. Objectively, there was also Pär don’t have a future at the club. In order to find someone rich to pay because he is an iconic player, and that it may be impossible to keep this up.”

Zetterberg was on the first saving of the Van Eetvelt, and it is possible to follow.

“The problems is that Anderlecht are mainly found in the sport,” says the company’s CEO. “The number of people that we have in the past few years, and have been attracted to it, then again to say goodbye to, it’s impossible to count. And yet, we are a team, and so, after that, a lot of it is too large. With this approach, we need to fully transform.”

“the club has a huge debt, and that must be of short-term and medium-term fixed. The coronacrisis reminds us even more of the face of the facts. RSCA has lived for the past few years, serious beyond his means, and that no company can keep this up.”

the Expensive, the transfers seem to be there this summer to do this.

“It will be a great challenge to develop a realistic financial policy, and, at the same time, however, to be a strong team in their legs. That will be in a more creative way should have been done, and it is no longer in the old way, where there is always the perception that it was led to believe that everything was all right. The solution lies within the club, there is a lot of talent, and we have to dare to go out on their own power. Anderlecht is still a large trade potential, more than any other club in Belgium. To make better use of our class and we are very proud to find that it is a little bit away from you.”

Verschueren “have a chance to grab”

finally, Van Eetvelt, over the role of Michael Verschueren, after putting on the new sports boss, Peter Verbeke, and the influence of football agent and Wouter Vandenhaute.

“Peter Verbeke has been drawn to partner with Vincent Kompany in the sports management,” says Van Eetvelt. “For me, Michael Verschueren other tasks in mind, but he was very happy with the sport and continue to be involved, and he convinced me to take the team to assist with the financial baggage in the deal. It is now up to him to get the chance to grab it. I truly hope for Michael is that he was once again his turn, and that the fuss about it now to stop it. That is, it is in the best interest of the RSCA.”

And his fietsvriend Vandenhaute: “Wouter has to agree to a contract with the club. There is an agreement with the company, the chairman, and that is also the case with the man concerned. I’m not, of course, out of the way, but I think it’s a very strange discussion to be found. We will have our cooperation in an open and transparent appointment. It’s strange to me that people in key positions in the world of football, hunt, they, open, and transparent, and the rest is to leave it alone. It is hypocritical and undermines the credibility of our sport.”
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