Marc Coucke declares that he is in the competition, even in July and want to finalize. All of the waterkansje of Anderlecht in European football hold, but his coach thinks somewhat differently about that. “For me, it can be done in order for the league to deal with, but, personally, I don’t think that, after June 30 should be playing football,” said Frank Vercauteren at Very .

“The people in charge are going to be resourceful to be in order, the season’s competitive team. If necessary, a Play-off at a faster formula to work, but first we have to see how that is the last day to organize. The health is for you. Each group has its own interests, and also in Anderlecht, but we will be inclusive and a consensus must be found. The perfect solution does not exist.”

as a reminder. If Anderlecht on match day 30 of benefits from STVV, while at Genk, Mechelen are mutually equal, then it is RSCA in a Play-off for 1. “But if we don’t have European football and fetch, to get, we have a CHAMPIONSHIP to a long preparation process. We can do that as well. We have been working with for the next season.”

Vranjes and Luckassen

Vercauteren’s still technically unemployed, and it’s not supposed to be up and running. At the senior management level is, however, about the future of the talking. So, want to CONTENT negotiate for Ognjen Vranjes is final, and the purple-and-white, himself, does not intend to set down, to see if the purchase price of more than 5 million for the Derrick Luckassen sharply, it may fall.”