Rose Sabitova was again amazed subscribers.

Main matchmaker of the country published a guide for women seeking to get married. And encouraged them to meet three men at the same time.

“Until you have received an offer to become a couple (the woman he wants to build a serious relationship), I recommend to meet with three men simultaneously,” she wrote in microblogging.

And explained why.

“Judge for yourself: if you meet with one man, then there is a risk not to receive his proposal of marriage (loss of time)”.

Rose summed up by his advice and theoretical basis.

“a Man can’t think of a single woman, he prefers to be the first in line”.

Followers this advice was apprehended in bayonets.

“So it is possible with a broken face find yourself”, “One do not find.” “You are a joke you wrote?”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the perfect man — empty space. About this journalist rose Sabitova said the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

The presenter explained that the fact that the ideal man does not aspire anywhere, wants nothing, makes no mistakes and corrects them.

Publish from rose Sabitova (@syabitova_roza) 3 Jul 2020 3:07 PDT