who Headed the then Ministry of public enlightenment and propaganda Joseph Goebbels approved the list of the nearly 300 authors whose works prevented the formation of the ideology of the new Germany. Among them were Jack London, Erich Maria Remarque, Sigmund Freud, Henri Barbusse, Valentin Kataev, and others. A German novelist, and part-gruppenfuhrer SS Hans Jost then wrote that the fires of the books is necessary “for the radical cleansing of German literature from foreign elements that can infect German culture.” It should be remembered that the public opinion of Germany at that time was not one of condemnation taking place, including on the part of intellectuals.

the Official authorities and the elite of the countries of the West also looked at the manifestation of this barbarism detached and even condescending. What led this “harmless” bigotry is well known. In the modern world there are still examples of the “fire” of reprisals against ideological enemies. So, the participants banned in Russia the terrorist organization ISIL in 2015-2016 burned the archives of libraries, museums and universities in the city of Mosul, in Northern Iraq. Earlier, in October 2014, in drums on the independence of the Ukrainian youth already burned the “wrong” books. Then under the hands of the activists came across dozens of volumes of Lenin, but the action in the end and did not turn into mass. And just six months before, in may, the House of trade Unions in Odessa from the flames and smoke of the fire killed 32 people, six were killed and 10 people crashed, jumping out of the Windows of the building, trying to escape from the fire.

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