Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN resumed in connection with his recent lack of diplomatic activity, today congratulated the Chinese leader XI Jinping with the “a confident victory in the war against an unprecedented pandemic”. Unexpected “verbal personal message” XI Jinping is replete with laudatory rhetoric against China and its leader, noting the particular proximity of Korea and China. Before that, Kim Jong-UN did not publicly respond to awarding him the jubilee medal of the Russian Victory. Russian Ambassador to Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora handed over the medal, which the North Korean leader has awarded Russian President Vladimir Putin, the foreign Minister of the DPRK Lee sung Guano. Against this background, the desire to meet with North Korean leader said the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.That again appeared in public after three-week absence of Kim Jong-UN has sent a “verbal personal message” to President of China XI Jinping today said the North Korean Agency KCNA.Without specifying why the message was chosen such an unusual shape and as it was sent to Beijing, KCNA cites Kim Jong-UN, expressing admiration for China and its leader. In a situation when China is under increasing pressure the US and its allies, making Beijing the responsibility for the dissemination of COVID-19, Kim Jong UN congratulated the Chinese leader XI Jinping with the “a confident victory in the war against an unprecedented pandemic.””Dear Supreme leader Kim Jong UN said he was pleased with the success of China as his own, and expressed confidence that under the wise leadership of General Secretary comrade XI Jinping, the party and the people of China will constantly strengthen and increase the progress already made to achieve the final victory”,— said the KCNA.In the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, awarded an honorary award of the 36-year-old Kim Jong Ynu, it is emphasized that the North Korean leader had made “great personal contribution to perpetuating the memory of the dead and buried on the territory of the DPRK, and Soviet citizens have expressed concern about the safety of the graves and memorials of Soviet soldiers in the Democratic people’s Republic”.Recall that in North Korea there are 11 fraternal and 345 individual graves in which are buried Soviet soldiers 1375. The Russian Embassy in Pyongyang, issued on the eve of Victory Day, noted that “in the battles for the liberation of Korea in 1945 killed and died of wounds more than 4.7 thousand Soviet soldiers.” One of the main attractions of Pyongyang became a monument of Liberation — the Soviet military who died fighting for the liberation of Korea from Japanese occupation in 1945.However, Kim Jong-UN has not appeared at a meeting held on may 5 in Pyongyang in the Palace Syezda�� Mansudae awards ceremony, during which the Russian Ambassador in the DPRK Alexander Matsegora handed the medal to the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea Lee sung Guano. The official photos from the Palace of congresses Mansudae depicted standing opposite each other and clad in a medical mask, the head of North Korean diplomacy and the Ambassador Matsegora. Although, according to official reports, in North Korea there is not a single case of infection with coronavirus.Kim Jong UN was not in Moscow five years ago, during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory: then to take up the invitation to come to the celebration not allowed at home.However, in an interview with TASS Alexander Matsegora expressed special thanks to the North Korean leader, pointing out that “the leadership of our country just couldn’t help noting the contribution of comrade Kim Jong-UN in this noble cause of preserving the memory”. “I met with the Minister of foreign Affairs of the DPRK and gave him the medal to comrade Kim Jong Ynu,” said the Russian diplomat. He added: “In Korea emphasize that the victory in the Second world war the Soviet Union played a crucial, decisive role. Today, by the way, the Minister again said this, and from this evaluation just implies that attitude towards our monuments”.Kim Jong-UN has not appeared in public since the beginning of April, being absent for 20 days in connection with what the world’s leading media, a wave of publications about the alleged history of heart surgery, followed by speculation about his possible death.However, on may 2 alive and kicking Kim Jong-UN, as if nothing had happened, again brought before the cameras by visiting the opening ceremony Sunzhenskogo plant chemical fertilizers. Pyongyang released footage from the event he looks happy and healthy, smiling and vigorously gesticulating during a conversation with his party.Thereafter, a number of Western media, until recently the most actively “buried” Kim Jong-UN, a version that actually Pyongyang, perhaps today presents the world doubles their leader, which, despite the exotic and unusual for Koreans malnourished appearance, just two. The theme of twins, in particular, develops the newspaper the New York Post, citing a source in Hong Kong two weeks ago reported that Kim Jong-UN, probably died after a long illness.In turn, a new statement dezavuiruya the version that the leader of North Korea could suffer a heart operation, performed on Wednesday the national intelligence service (LDCs) of South Korea. “Problem reports Kim Jong-UN’s health is absurd. There is no indication that he had surgery”— quoted by South Korean Agency “renkhap” an unnamed representative of the LDCs.In more detail the position of the South Korean SPeclub outlined may 6 the Chairman of the parliamentary intelligence Committee Kim Byung-Ki. “Intelligence believes that Chairman Kim has focused on internal personnel changes, conducting personal meetings on party-state and the strengthening of military power. It is also superimposed on the situation with novel coronavirus infection, but activity was greatly reduced,” said Kim Byung-Ki.”Intelligence believes that at least surgical procedures or operations associated with the heart, not performed. If we were talking about heart problems, then, no matter how easy the operation, to monitor the health condition of North Korean leader would have about four to five weeks,” added the South Korean secret services in charge of the Deputy.Paying attention to what Chairman Kim has resumed its public activity with a visit to Sunzhenskogo phosphate fertilizer plant, construction of which he personally supervised, the South Korean MP expressed the opinion that his appearance on this project, Kim Jong-UN “has demonstrated confidence in the ability to achieve the revival of the country”.Apparently, the fact that Kim Jong UN had serious health problems, I do not believe in Tokyo. Today the newspaper “Sankey” published an interview of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, confirmed his desire to meet Kim Jong-UN without preconditions to secure the return home of Japanese people abducted by North Korean intelligence in the 70-ies of the last century. Last year, Shinzo Abe has repeatedly expressed readiness to hold talks with Kim Jong-UN to discuss very sensitive for Tokyo problems.Recall that in 2002, Pyongyang for the first time acknowledged the abduction of 13 Japanese nationals, 5 of them returned home. The rest were declared dead.In may 2014, the government of Japan and the DPRK have agreed to hold a new investigation into the abductions of Japanese citizens, but the work never moved a dead point.”Our position has not changed. And we will take all possible steps for the different channels,” confirmed Shinzo Abe his determination to find a “window of opportunity” for meeting is not yet available to him the North Korean leader.Sergey Strokan