Ancient fungus discovered in the Arctic could become a new cure for cancer

the Discovery of Middle Paleolithic period have helped to make an unexpected discovery, scientists from Moscow, Pushchino. Ancient mold found in the ice lakes of the Arctic could become a new cure for cancer. Tests showed that the microorganisms actively suppress the growth of malignant cells. What this could mean for medicine?

– This fungus produces compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

to find this mushroom, left 120 thousand years — the time he lived in the permafrost miraculously preserved to the present day. For him, Russian scientists went to the Arctic. Mold with unique properties, found in Kriopigi -underground ice lake. Limicola Penicillium, the fungus has already joined the all-Russian collection of microorganisms, Pushchino.

This is a repository of microorganisms: in a small room is more than 20 thousand different species of fungi, bacteria, yeast. In the store year-round is maintained the same temperature is plus 9 degrees. Here, as in the library also have something like file cabinets. The boxes are stored in vials. And here it is the same ancient mould, of which 120 thousand years.

“the Value of this collection is huge. It is akin to the values of the Moscow Kremlin, the Pushkin Museum — it contains all the genetic diversity from which we can then produce all of the antibiotics, a lot of things,” — said the Deputy Director of Scientific-educational center of Moscow state regional University in city Pushchino Alexander Lisov.

Medicinal properties of mold had been proven in the II century. Penicillin has antimicrobial activity and is considered the best medicine against many serious diseases, including gangrene and syphilis.

But no research to date has not confirmed it one hundred percent effective in the fight against cancer. Scientists from Pushchino managed to prove that the substance secreted from this kind of mold, just a day to destroy the malignant cells.

“This is similar to the work of the prospector, when washed tons of ore to find the gold nuggets. Thus, we conduct a massive study to find the one that will have activity against tumors”, — said the Deputy Director on scientific work of Scientific educational center of the Moscow state regional University in city Pushchino Marina Zemskova.

to see how this works, go to the laboratory.

we have investigated substance, which we add to the cancer cells to keep track of what is happening with them changes that approximately 24 hours will lead to cell death and their destruction.

To make it clearer, let’s look into the microscope. This is cancer cells, which is tightly locked with each other. They grow and multiply. Here they receive the substance derived from a fungus of the Penicillium limicola. Cells gradually begin to let go from the walls, to curl, to shrink in size — this means that they have died and will soon collapse.

“these ancient mushrooms can contain a completely new connection. This stuff gets into the cells first inhibits the ability of cells to divide, and the second inhibits the ability of cells to penetrate through the walls of the blood vessels and then spread throughout the body,” says Marina Zemskova.

although the first experiments gave positive results, to say that ancient mold — a new cure for cancer yet. The effects of mold on healthy cells is not toxic. But there are still long studies of how to teach a mushroom to act point — only on the affected tissues.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”