Russia’s Anapa Airport is in an area overrun by rockets. It has been closed since the start of the Russian invasion. Now he wants to open the doors for an unusual action.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, airlines and airports came up with some ideas to at least take away the wanderlust and flying bugs of those hungry for travel. There were sightseeing flights, speed-dating flights, and even pseudo-flights where you didn’t even take off, you just ate on the ground in an airplane. For example, Singapore Airlines offered dinner in the Airbus A380.

In Russia, an airport has now been inspired by it. But the reason is macabre. As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rockets are flying in such a way that take-off and landing at Anapa Airport are not possible, there have been no more flights there since February 24. The city is located on the Black Sea, 250 kilometers east of Crimea.

As reported by the Kubanskie Novosti portal, the airport sells tickets for flights that do not take place. The October 30th event was marketed as an I want to fly outing for those who miss flying.

For 1,500 rubles (around 25 euros), the pseudo-passengers were allowed to check in, go through security, go to the gate and then inspect the plane.

However, it is not aloof. Apparently there was food and cockpit tours. There should also be a water fountain for the airport fire brigade.

It is not known which airline made its aircraft available.

The city of Anapa, with a population of around 60,000, lies under the trajectory of missiles fired by Russia from the Sea of ​​Azov, a tributary of the Black Sea. The airport used to be served by all major Russian airlines.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

The original of this article “Airport closed due to missile threat offers imaginary flights” comes from aeroTelegraph.