experts have yet to calculate the additional costs compared to 2018 – with a shocking result: Verivox, according to the numbers of consumers in Germany in 2020, a total of around three billion euros more than two years earlier – for the same power consumption.

So Verivox expected:

According to the AG energy balance sheets of the private power consumption in Germany amounted in the year 2018 to nearly 130 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh). At that time, the nationwide average price for a kilowatt-hour of electricity was around 28 cents. The German households had to pay a total of 36 billion euros to the supplier.

in the Meantime, the electricity has risen in price to an average of 30 cents. If nothing changes on the power consumption of the load of households will increase by three billion euros to a total of around 39 billion euros.

you can do to lower your electric bill

“most Recently, higher network charges and the increase in the EEG levy lifted prices to a new all-time high,” says Valerian bird, energy expert at Verivox. “Nowhere else in Europe the price of Electricity is so high.” Power to tax? Save money now with a FOCUS on Online (screen), Now electricity prices

The first step, in order to reduce their costs, to compare is to look if there are cheaper rates. Particularly high the bill for those who have never changed provider, and thus in the basic supply. However, every household should make a regular comparison of the tenders, in order not to unnecessarily plan to pay.

most of The current is in the kitchen

consumed At the same time, you should look at which Points in the budget your power consumption might be reduced. So you can definitely save money and do also something for the protection of the environment.

This is especially true for the kitchen, in the typical way, a total of more than half of the total electricity consumption of a German household consumes Almost a third of the electricity consumption is used for cooking and other so-called process heat. Behind refrigerators and freezers, which account for a quarter of the total electricity consumption. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

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Here, personal savings to check

– light weight

The devices in the office and the living room have a share of around 17 percent, and also the warm water caused 12 percent of the considerable cost. The lighting in the apartment gives, however, on average only 8 percent of the total electricity consumption of a household. With power save 1390 Euro to save Our PDF guide shows you how you can identify the power guzzlers in the household and a total of 1390 euros can save.To the PDF guide

“of Course you should delete the lights that are not needed. More power, however, by the clever handling with a stove, oven and refrigerator to save,“ stresses Vogel. “Here, small behavioural changes in everyday life can have a huge impact on the electricity bill.”

All of the power guzzlers at a Glance:

  • cook, and other process heat: 30 percent
  • refrigerators and freezers: 22 percent
  • Information and communication: 17%
  • hot water: 12%
  • lighting: 8 percent
  • heating: 6 percent
  • Mechanical appliances: 4 per cent
  • air-conditioning: 1 per cent

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