the Most unusual ex-member of the band “Little Big” Anna Kast told about the history of the team, the first works and why decided to leave her colleagues at the height of his fame, a few years before Eurovision. “The little Princess”, affectionately known as Anya fans, revealed his secret of popularity.

Originally part of the “Little Big” was Anne Kast, Olympia Ivleva, Ilya Prusikin, Sergei Makarov and Anton Lissa. Despite the fact that the group of boys was more the “trash” created just two nieobecnosci. Anna Kast and Olympia Ivleva impressed the audience in the clip “Every day I’m drinking”. Despite the immense popularity, which the group won in Russia, and in Europe, both soloist later left the group, instead of them now Sophia Tayurskii.

After remote “Eurovision 2020” we decided to contact Anna Castes, to find out why she left the band and how its doing today. Kast admitted “MK” that left because his main job as a teacher in a school, because of dissatisfaction with the parents group. Today the girl is preparing for a new theatrical projects and evolving business.

Anna, why a few years ago, You left the team that created almost from scratch?

I was left with a difficult situation, I was in the group, but in parallel worked in a school as a teacher. What can I say… Some parents of children are not treated very well to my work. Because children are our videos seen on YouTube and so on. In the end, I realize that you have to leave, I couldn’t combine.

the road too, probably, interfere with basic work in school?

I went a couple of times with the guys on tour, but mostly we are in St. Petersburg were

as far As I know that “Little Big” got its name due to you?

Alina PASOK, which removes clips for “Little Big”, my old good friend. When she graduated from University, on my person wrote in their thesis. After some time, Alina suddenly called me: “Anna, I want you to meet by Ilya Prusikin, I have an idea”. I agreed and met. Ilya struck me as an interesting person, and Olympia (the second soloist) I knew the community of “Little people”. Around me do a lot of little people (smiles). Then I asked her to participate in the group, Olympia agreed. From that moment all gone, gone. And the name arose somehow spontaneously.

How much time did you spend in group?

I came in 2013 and left the group in 2016. For Russia, our group was a breakthrough, we had a powerful semantic idea of clips. It was not just in our work had a deep content. The song and video for “Every day drinking” – every day we drink are made in a foreign manner. But we have the EUth and Russian folk art: a little bit ridiculed, but sincere. All this reflects the Russian reality.

— Regretted that left the band?

– are you Not sorry, because the style of the group changed, but even now the group I still enjoyed it. And I walked away at the peak of popularity.

the Peak of popularity the band now, isn’t it?

Several years ago there were a million hits a day – a real record! We shot a video for 24 hours and crazybone million views! It was a blast!

the Rest of the band were also extraordinary people, what were you doing?

Ilya was engaged in blogging. He’s a very talented guy, it is precisely because he had ideas on the topics of the videos that affected the whole world. We were all picked up, each event is reflected in our projects. Social things have always been.

– How did your career today?

– I Have my own tattoo Studio, but due to the fact that is going on in the country, experiencing problems with clients. Also starring in art films playing in theatres in Germany and the Netherlands.

– what about the job teacher? Abandoned teaching career?

when I was working as a teacher in a school, and at night was moonlighting as an animator in the clubs, like the Olympia. It was necessary for something to live! To eat something. Now everything is different.

How children react to you, what is called “live”?

– the Kids at school have seen and read about me, by the way, it was very helpful to make contact with a new baby. I remember they even brought me newspaper clippings: “Annie, look, about you wrote!” When it was new at first it was a rejection of me as a teacher, still looks… And then I see in the media, read about me. And that’s all! The attitude is changing! I he had become an authority (laughs). And I just react, and relate.

– It is still a daring step to work with students who are having unusual appearance, they are childishly cruel…

Such as I are often shy, hiding, unfortunately. I came to the team in part because he was “about people” … Wanted to show that our “unusual” – not a hindrance, not an excuse to sit in four walls. I worked on-call caregiver, long gone from this area, but still in good relations with former students and their parents.

Many parents complained about you when you worked in a group?

the Two parents. The rest of my work have been satisfied. I’m serious about the children, their work tended stronger than the group. “Little Big” – it was just an additional fad, removed the clip – cool! Somewhere made equally! Again, we have in the texts was always withthought, before the twist was different, and now they have something new.

a Little crazy today was the “highlight”.

– clicks in We thought through censorship! That was all in the frame! Without vulgarity! I sometimes condemn other people like me.. They said I was a buffoon. These women “jasmati” who have children (laughs). What can I say?! They are, apparently, not creative.

How do You feel about Sophia Tayurskii?

– She is a talented girl with a beautiful voice, which brought the band a lot. I like the creativity of the “Little Big” now. I’m for the idea, for any creative turmoil.