Zulte Waregem if you are 38, you will have an expiring contract and you don’t know how long the coronacrisis will take a while, it is worth the effort to get players to stay? For the Second, The fauw is not a foregone conclusion. The captain at Zulte Waregem and is due to join the coaching staff, but he wants to be there, happy to have another year as a football player establish.

read about in the newspaper a couple of days after the last league game of Zulte Waregem, belgium (7-0 loss to Anderlecht this year, “Essevee is, the search starts for the two new assistant coaches with experience at the highest level, which is extra to add a little something extra to bring in a young coaching staff. Captain Davy De fauw (38) in addition, there is an option where he is next season, will stop by to play football.”

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“I see, I see, for myself, have a future as a football player,” confirmed The fauw we will be in The Stands and on Radio 1. “I feel well and fit. However, I’ve also got an offer to become a member of the technical staff at Zulte Waregem. It would also be a nice challenge for any golfer.There is need to have to talk about it, but it’s certainly an option, in order to continue as a football player.”

the future is as a football player, it would also be at a different club, then, Zulte Waregem have been, ” says De fauw. Although he has already thought about that, the 7-0 at Anderlecht were his last game in the jersey of the South-West Flemish club, or even as a football player, ” tout court, it will be. De fauw picked out in yellow, and the rest, and even changed, by Francky Dury.

“I have already thought of that,” says De fauw in The Stands.“But that would be a total lack of drama. Some of these things are relative, especially at this moment in time. Of course it would be a shame if my career has to be shut down, but so far, it is not possible right now. We’ll have to see what’s going on and what the future has in store.”

“This is a very serious situation in which we need to realise that football is not on in the first place. There, we have to accept that. It will take some time before everything is back to normal.I think that, at this point, it would be better to stop the competition. It would be nice to see the final match of the regular season still to play, and then, to finish it, but even with that, it will be hard, I guess.”