A photo exhibition dedicated to the first Russian aviation design bureau of A.N. Tupolev has opened on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard. You can see the works until August 31.

Tupolev aircraft have set more than 300 world records in range, altitude and payload. During the existence of the bureau, about 300 models and modifications of airplanes, sleds, gliders, torpedo boats, airships have been created. Today, engineers, designers and technologists of the enterprise are working on the creation of aircraft using a digital environment.

PJSC Tupolev is a Russian aviation design bureau, part of the United Aircraft Corporation, which is part of Rostec. It was created by the legendary Soviet scientist, aircraft designer Andrey Tupolev in October 1922. The company is able to provide all stages of the life cycle of aviation equipment: from development to mass production, modernization, repair, after-sales service and operation support.

The project “Open#Mosprom” was created in March 2019. It combined various formats: offline and online excursions to industrial enterprises of the capital, lectures, master classes, intellectual games. The audience of the project exceeds 10 million viewers. During its existence, more than 800 excursions have been conducted at more than 100 industrial enterprises of the city and in their museums.

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