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The judge in Hasselt Monday night, a 56-year-old man arrested on suspicion of the murder of his 49-year-old ex-girlfriend. This has been confirmed, his lawyer Monday night.

Saturday night was the dead body of A He found in the apartment of her ex-boyfriend in the Breedvenstraat in Zelem, part of the Pick up. It was the ex-husband that the woman had been found. Because it’s an unusual death, was initiated by the public prosecutor of the province of Limburg, a pre-trial investigation.

in The police station of the zone in the Limburg Region of the Capital (HE) went out to the field. Monday morning, took a research position at the dead body of the woman. In the studio, where it was found, it was a vast crime scene to run.

The ex-husband of the victim and was then arrested. The woman who lived actually in Loksbergen (Halen), but it was a Saturday, the Breedvenstraat in Zelem’s gone.


This year, more than nine years, was a few days ago, along with the decision to end the relationship is to continue. “My client was made, however, to know that it has been someone else had it. That was apparently the trigger, allowing the end to be with him broke down. “My client has been to the courts is passed,” says his lawyer, Vanessa Penninger.

The man sitting in front of the cell. This Friday we will be in the council chamber of Hasselt is about his continued detention, not to bend.