Ministry of internal Affairs and Rospotrebnadzor warn that scammers do use the situation with coronavirus and come up with a new scheme of obtaining money from unsuspecting citizens.

Many regions have introduced throughput mode for a period of self-isolation. The crooks quickly realized that selling digital pass — bonanza. As told by the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk, police have recently arrested two young men who are using the popular messaging app offered to buy a digital pass to free movement in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. Swindlers were represented by militiamen and promised to help to issue passes for the “gray scheme through the state services portal”. It was worth it “godly” — from 2,5 to 3,5 thousand RUB compared to “helpers” a criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”).

to Answer for forgery have and entrepreneur from Rostov-on-don. he was detained red-handed when the sale of forms of permits for travel in the region. 38-year-old businessman received them to his company in district administration, but decided to sell on the Internet for 9 thousand rubles.

In regions where there is no need to obtain such permission, the scammers earn “fault isolation”. Soon, quite possibly, victims will be found among the “offenders mask mode”. The interior Ministry has officially warned of fake SMS that inform the person about the alleged prescribed the penalty. In the message include your name and the amount to 4 thousand rubles.

the text says that if the citizen does not want to become defendant in a criminal case under article 236 of the criminal code for violation of the sanitary-epidemiological rules, I needed to pay a fine in the phone number in the SMS. It is established that SMS has come from the Krasnoyarsk territory. Write similar messages and e-mail. The writing is more detailed, saying, I figured your violation of geolocation. It is proposed to pay again, on the phone.

“Medications” from the coronavirus speculators began trading in March. For example, in Kazan of the announcement placed directly on the stands at the houses.

Today they sell air purifiers that kill virus, masks with filters , etc. the Most brazen ads are placed on small batches of suits protection, masks, etc., take the Deposit and disappear.

There are proposals for wealthy clients — artificial lung ventilation (ALV). At the end of April in Moscow, the MVD and the FSB detained the dealers of unregistered vehicles. Delayed, as in the movie — with the shooting and chase. ALV, who were trying to sell, it was made in 1999-2000 and, of course, did not have certificates. In Moscow and the Moscow region seized 287 devices “Phase-5НР” 200 million rubles. Later, during searches in the Kostroma region and Sverdlovsk region discovered another 1.5 thousand units.

For poorer customers in fraud — more than the budget proposal. Call on mobile on behalf of lubrica or employees of the CPS and report that someone close to positive the text on COVID-19. Then begins the extortion of money for “improving conditions in the hospital and treatment.”

the Scammers manage to sell even the tests to determine the coronavirus or the vaccine against it. In the capital police arrested three such figures, and seized “tests” that are sold on the Internet by 2.3 thousand in addition, they offered disposable vacuum test tube for sampling blood with a certain substance.

masks today earn the Internet fraud. They place an ad in social networks that citizens Bank shall pay compensation for acquisition of disposable medical masks. But to get it you need to fill in a simple form on the website. By clicking on the link, the victim indicates your phone and Bank cards, which supposedly will come compensation. And then from the account written off all the money.

the Villains multiply fake sites to steal personal data or credit card information almost on a daily basis. Often these sites can masquerade as official portals of real organizations, such as who or the Ministry of health.

it is Especially dangerous to click on links in emails — you can easily run into a program, stealing all your data. Lured into such resources is very intricate: for example, offer to learn how to kill the virus in the apartment with a hair dryer! Appear fraudulent services that supposedly allows you to see how far you can be away from the house. On site are asked to enter your Bank card details.

play with the scammers and hope of the people for the state. Under the pretext of providing the mythical benefits and compensation from the quarantine, aid in the deferral of loan and so they are asked to provide personal data, which are then easily used for profit. But this is not their main earnings: speculators are taken to help in addressing these issues, but for a small fee you have to pay.

the message, I attach the links to the sites where these payments “are made”. Those fills there personal data, receives a message about the alleged due compensation in the tens and hundreds of thousands. Another option — call an elderly man on the phone allegedly to transfer “quarantine” payments you need to call the data Bank cards.

the situation with the pandemic have used and apartment thieves, who under the guise of disinfectants (though not in the same city in Russia processing of the apartments is not carried out — only entrances) when��, fully armed, entered the apartment. After they left, a virus is likely to become more, but cash and valuables less. Another way of penetration of thieves into the apartment — “free analysis at home.”