Asteroid 2009 PQ1, the size of which is evaluated by specialists from 84 to 190 meters, will approach earth at a minimum distance on August 5, reported earlier by NASA.

As noted in a conversation with RIA Novosti postgraduate Solar system division of the Institute of astronomy of RAS (INASAN) Ekaterina Efremova, no danger to the earth a celestial body is not, as it will fly very far distance.

Asteroid 2009 PQ1 at 19.35 MSK will pass within 4 million miles from the Earth seven times farther from us than is the Moon. The next time the asteroid will approach the Earth only in 2137.

The asteroid opened on 14 August 2009. He belongs to the group of "Apollo", that is, asteroids whose track cross Earth’s orbit.

Professor Institute of physics and technology, Ural Federal University (Urfu), the head of the meteor expeditions of the University Viktor Grokhovsky, in turn, explained to RIA Novosti that such asteroids are considered potentially dangerous because of the fact that cross Earth’s orbit. At the same time, according to him, such asteroids there are about 15 thousand, and they were being monitored.