WASHINGTON, June 6 — RIA Novosti. American expert told why fashion suit SpaceX is not suitable for flight on the Russian Soyuz and compared it with the Russian “the Falcon”. About the distinctive features of the American novelties RIA Novosti said Professor North Dakota state University Pablo De Leon (Pablo de León).

“SpaceX uses a single combined umbilical cord for supplying air, oxygen, and communications (maintenance) biomedical systems, all in one cord. The combination of (systems of his suit and the Soyuz spacecraft) will require major modifications,” — said the expert, leading the laboratory of manned space flight, University of North Dakota. He is confident that the suits Rasih can’t fly on Soyuz.

the Expert stressed that the suits that made its first flight on Crew Dragon astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken as the Russian “Sokol”, as well as blue suits Boeing, designed to fly the ship Cockpit developed exclusively for use on Board the spacecraft and is only required to protect the astronauts in case of emergency depressurization of the ship.

“If the capsule of the ship depressurized, the pressure in them (the suits) is aligned within 3 seconds, keeping them alive, but these spacesuits can protect astronauts during spacewalks and work on the outer surface of the ship,” explained De Leon.

According to him, such suits are “simpler, easier and dependent on the umbilical cord connecting them with the spacecraft to sustain (crew)”.

Speaking about the similarities between American innovations and the Russian “Falcon”, the specialist points system closing their helmets. In suits of Boeing and SpaceX as the Falcon, helmet integrated and has a “shell” closure, not a separate hat, as previously used by NASA during the launch and landing of the Shuttle ACES suits.

“I tried spacesuits “Sokol” in the past, and I prefer a system that closes between my legs that don’t seem so easy to pull on and off in the confined space of a spacecraft,” explains the Professor.

the White spacesuits SpaceX was designed to operate on a Crew Dragon and sewed individually for each member of the first crew of the ship. Designer innovations were made by famous Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez, the author of the heroic costumes in such films as “Batman vs. Superman”, “Fantastic four,” “Iron man 2” and “X-Men 2”. That Fernandez realized the task of the owner and the chief ideologist of SpaceX Elon musk, who wanted the astronauts “looked better in the suit than without it, as in the case with a tuxedo”. The suits turned out really very futuristic, compactand and impressive at the same time.

“I remember when I met the original parameters of the SpaceX spacesuit on the stage of its creation, the main requirement was that it looked aesthetically pleasing. I’ve never seen before to the technical requirements raised appearance, and I was really surprised,” — said the expert.

meanwhile, as noted by De Leon, fashion is not important in space: “I don’t think that other companies or governments should continue this trend”. “The safety of astronauts or cosmonauts, and the completion of their mission should be, in my opinion, the only driving force space systems” — sums up the expert.

Soon the US will cease to depend on Russia in space.