Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has already lost budget funds for his ministry that have already been blocked because he has not yet presented a draft law on the planned legalization of cannabis.

Because Karl Lauterbach has still not tabled a bill to legalize cannabis, he has now lost frozen budget funds for his ministry. “As householders, we were able to help ensure that the cornerstones of the cannabis control law came faster than planned with the one million euro ban on the ministry’s public relations work,” said Paula Piechotta, the Greens politician responsible for the budget of the Ministry of Health ). “But since there is no draft law yet, the blocked money cannot be released by the budget committee,” emphasized the health politician.

During the budget deliberations for 2022, budget politicians from the traffic light coalition decided to freeze an amount of one million euros for the ministry’s public relations work until Lauterbach presented a draft law for the legalization of cannabis agreed in the coalition agreement. The minister presented detailed key points for legalization at the end of October. To date, however, there is no draft law. According to recent statements, Lauterbach wants to work on it by the end of March.