Peter Jacobsson (32) from Nebraska experienced on the last Wednesday of the nightmare of all men: He shoots himself accidentally in the Penis!

Jacobsson must be delivered to the hospital. His injuries to his testicles are painful, but not life-threatening. To: all bad luck Jacobsson accused of now because of the firing, and for illegal possession of weapons.

the weapon fell out of the pocket

Shortly before the accident, Jacobsson was in the middle of the city centre. The gun wore, the would-be Gangster in his pants pocket. For reasons unknown, the gun from the bag fell on him and hit the concrete floor. A shot broke up.

The landed right in the middle of the legs of the owner and met fortunately, none of the many passers-by around him.

the police is taking The incident, apparently with a sense of Humor: One official spoke of a “botched drive-by shooting,” as in “The Mirror” reported.

Almost the same incident happened already at the end of February in the state of Indiana. At the time, a gun from the waistband fell to the 46-year-old Mark Anthony Jones – he survived. (bra)