Despite recommendations from The White House that you do not gather more than 10 people at a time, then went about 70 young people from Texas on a plane from Austin to Mexico to keep the ‘spring break’ of two weeks ago.

After they have come back to Texas, the vast majority of them were found infected with the coronavirus.

It writes CNN.

44 of the approximately 70 young people in their twenties are now infected.

They have all of their daily time at the University of Texas, has a spokesman from the university told CNN on Wednesday.

Spokesman Dennis Bonnen from ‘Texas House’ has a clear message to young people:

“whether you think the virus is a problem or not, so be it. Regardless of whether you think it can have an impact on you or not, so have it. The reality is that if you are a student who goes to spring break in Mexico, so the affect you are many people. Become a adult.”

Now many of the people who have been sitting in the same plane, as the 70 young people monitored every day. The students who have been tested positive, is now in selvisolation.

Universitetspræsident Gregory L. Fenves encouraged students to practice good judgment and consider how their actions can affect others:

“It is our responsibility to follow local, state and national orders and use good judgment during this crisis. Our behavior and the decisions we make have direct implications for our own health and the health of everyone in our city and beyond the city limits.”

“We must do everything we can to limit the spread of this virus – the consequences of reckless actions, can at present not be clearer,” said Fenves Wednesday.

19. march announced the UNITED states plans to suspend is not necessary to travel from and to Mexico.