American senators drew scandal on the background of the coronavirus and the collapse of the market

In the United States erupted into a political scandal. Several senators were accused of abuse of position. The fact that they got rid of the stock millions of dollars just before the stock market crash. And, according to media reports, they did this after a secret briefing on the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

For some crisis, and for others – time to enrich. Meanwhile the Americans were just beginning to learn about coronavirus — some senators already sold their shares. Even before the collapse in the market. As journalists found out, they did it immediately after a closed briefing with administration officials trump in January. However, the public statements were more than optimistic.

“Good news! Consumption on a different level. Our economy is strong. With employment all too well. Our President copes with this situation”, — said the Senator from Georgia Kelly Leffler.

But among the congressmen said something quite different. “One very important thing: this virus is transmitted more aggressive than what we’ve seen in recent history. Perhaps this is akin to the 1918 pandemic,” said Congressman Richard Burr.

Now the senators have to make excuses. Like, them of the transactions were unknown. And all involved specially hired brokers.

“These were my financial advisors. They are responsible for all trading operations. The most important thing about selling the told me after!” says Leffler.

“As if the captain of the Titanic would go on a life jacket before the collision with the iceberg. “It’s just a fashion accessory, nothing to worry about,” he ridiculed the policy of the comedian Trevor Noah.

the media found out that Leffler and her husband, who, incidentally, is Chairman of the new York stock exchange, got rid of the stock by several million dollars. And in return invested in the company, which develops software for remote work. Which is very important in a pandemic. Experts say that the actions of the Congress can be outside the law.

“It looks mean. It may violate the law of actions it forbids the Congress to make trades based on the information they receive on their working channels. Of course, they can say that they have received this information from their brokers. But it may violate the law”, — said the financial expert Charlie Gasparino.

the Senator from new York Kirsten Gillibrand said: “This is a very dangerous signal. The Ministry of justice should investigate the actions of congressmen. If you have benefited from nonpublic information, it is unfair to ordinary Americans, it undermines their confidence in government.”

the Scandal caused rare for States party consensus. As prorepublican and Pro-democracy media have criticized the actions of the senators. Already several politicians and journalists demanded their resignation.