In the U.S. state of Colorado, a man opened fire in the restaurant chain Waffle House after asking the cook to wear a medical mask.

The city of Aurora police arrested a 27-year-old Calvin Watson, a detainee charged with attempted murder, reports the Associated Press.

The staff said that initially the remark of the visitor was made by the waitress. She stated that the restaurant does not serve customers without protective masks. Then Watson left and then returned with the mask, but not wearing it on the face.

According to witnesses, the man put on the cashier a gun, and then told the chef that he might “blow his brains out”. The next night, Watson again visited the restaurant, hit cook in the face and shot him in the chest and abdomen. The victim was hospitalized, to date he has been discharged from the hospital. wrote that in Crimea, the coach of the MMA beat, the clerk after a request to wear a mask. Check the information about the fight carried out by law enforcement agencies.