the all-clear: no one has to make in order to Dieter Bohlen, purely age attributable to the Corona-risk group, Ensure. The self-proclaimed Pop-titanium voluntarily went to the ground he paid homage to his favorite Ramon Kaselowsky-Roselly and presented him on his knees on the Bonus CD. Since all of the perplexed: Planks were on the floor? “Yes, I had a seizure,” said the top judge,

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This can also be on one or the other Element of the semi-finals of American idol, people.

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Before it goes under: Lydia Kelovitz (29), the “most colorful bird from American idol” has crashed. “Austria’s ester Schlager-Export”, as a Moderator, Alexander Klaws, mad was chosen by the audience out. In the process, they met with significantly more tones than Chiara D’amico (18), with the help of which you was at the end of “the Wiggle”. Chiara denies next week with Paulina Wagner (22), Joshua Tappe (25) and Ramon Kaselowsky-Roselly (26) the Grand Finale. Advance three a long time Show-hours – were sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, in tears, rich as never before!

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele shop Fans upset about the song selection: “man, there’s got to be pushed!”

taste can be, and you should argue. But what the producers of American idol jubilation prompted, during (!) the Live-singing performances, and record, is likely to remain their secret. After all, it is trying to judge the singing talents. And had a hard time against the other Sound part enough.

at Least half of the songs. Because every Talent is/was allowed to had to twice answer. According to the motto “Loud and quiet” was an Uptempo Song and a ballad on the program. And in the quiet song, the piano Vocal-Coach André was the only accompaniment of the candidates to the cheering played.

So a fast piece and a slow pro Talent. Theoretically. Practically strike king Ramon was two umbilical slider perform. “Over seven bridges you must go” (Karat, Peter Maffay), the ballad, the tearjerker Monster “You have sold tears in the eyes” (Bobby Solo, Costa Cordalis) was used as a “noisy” number. According to the was to a maximum, such as the lack of logic in the song selection to the sky and screamed. This was also noticed by the audience: “man, there’s got to be pushed!”, moaned in Instagram. Another supplied the alleged statement: “Yes, Dieters honey is the must!”

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele look at American idol absolutely for Howl: the candidates (and the judge) cry to the bet

Who found the Cry, was repealed during American idol well! Because the acronym stood for “Germany seeks the super Howler”, as a User in Instagram to the point.

That’s what you get when you are condemned candidates who are to be quartered for weeks, Corona-conditioned and far away from home and their Loved ones can still snuggle up with the cabin fever, to ballads! Chiara, Paulina, even the tough Ramon – they sat in the rehearsals, the candidates-Villa under water.

Ironically, Joshua, would have due to its history, a lot of the Howling, came out of dry eye the number. And the tough Lydia, of course – for you flennte Vocal Coach, Juliette (“I’m so damn close to the water built.”) And, to make it perfect, I cried then also a juror Oana Nechiti – however, sympathy for the howling Paulina, who presented it to the Bonus CD. Dieter Bohlen brought it aback to the point: “I think, so many tears, we have never seen here before!”

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele show American idol: battle of words between Dieter Bohlen and Florian silver iron!

Speaking of the Jury. Was in a really good mood. In the case of the good-humored mutual Gedisse and Gefrotzle between the invigorating new addition to Florian, “I believe in a farce of my career,” silver, iron, and Dieter”, I tackle time between” Planks on the one hand, and uncle Dieter, and nephew of Pietro, on the other hand, can tell you, you could forget the tense overall situation, and therefore, of course, the lack of audience smooth. Until the next tears attack, because then you had someone say: “I’d take you in the Arm, but I’m not allowed.”

The Jury-skirmish were really funny. “Would you have sung a Song of my Band Klubbb3, it would have been easier,” he advised Florian the with Helene Fischer overmatched Paulina. “Yes, but to sing GOOD numbers,” quipped Planks.

Also against his “Bro”, Pietro Dieter, respectively. Than Pietro on his development since his victory in American idol (2011) pointed out (“at the Time, I shat my pants, now I am become an old hand”), handle Diter to the verbal shotgun: “never been so’n thick hares seen! Show me a Bunny with 102 pounds!”

TVNOW tele look, feel, or roar? The DSDS-Jury is divided!

The mood and the sayings of hui, the judgments like wow. In the case of Paulina’s ballad “Quiet” (Lea), said Dieter still long and wide, that in the case of a, accompanied by only the piano, “very much room for the voice” to stay. In the case of Chiara’s “The Best” (silver moon) he must (“Beautiful feelings, beautifully sung, everything is beautiful!”) with all the Power somewhere else to have heard, because even the untrained watch tube detected (out of necessity), that the ratio between taken and verse mmelten tones was maximum at 50:50. And in the semi-finals of the “best platform in the German show business” (Pietro Lombardi).

Also, if Lydia showed their ballad “a Million Reasons” (Lady Gaga) “feeling” or “roar”, was a fight. The Jury-opinion ranged from “final worthy” (Oana) to “I found it hectic and feelings I’ve not felt” (Pietro). “Don’t care”, would sing the Wendler: The bird of Paradise is shot down.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele look Hot pants: Delicate exchange transactions at American idol!

what else? Ramon Roselly actually wore the red lucky pants, him Florian silver iron gave last week. But only in the jacket pocket: “you is me, unfortunately, much too small!”. And He bequeathed to Florian as a revenge of one of his Buxen (Dieter: “to Florian, Yes, as big as a dress!”). This implementation of Florian’s failed promise to wear a colorful glitter suit is sparse. After all, he brought in colorful Jackets, in which the Jury then crashed in Pietro’s case: squeezed!.

Only pants-Special, then carnival-American sitcoms – colorful the American idol semi-final was, in any case.

TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius tele show

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