A visitor to one of the supermarkets in Jacksonville, Florida, specifically coughed on the patient with cancer American. She was subsequently arrested and charged with assault. It is reported by the Miami Herald.

The victim Heather Sprague shared this story in Facebook on June 25. “I am the mother of a preteen and currently a patient of the Mayo clinic, where going through treatment for a brain tumor. Obviously, I’m not getting to town often. However, that day I had an appointment at the hospital in the city centre, so I wore a mask and ran into the store to hide from the heat while I was waiting for the appointed time”, — said the American.

According to her, in the supermarket, she witnessed scenes as the customer made a scene in the store because of the return of the goods, which she was not with him, shouted, insulted the employees and threatened them. Then Sprague went closer to the counter and began to take video American. “I didn’t say anything, did not respond and did not intervene. Just stood there to document her behavior. When bullies are confronted with responsibility, they should recognize the unacceptability of their actions,” she explained.

The footage shows how the customer offends Sprague, shows her middle fingers, and then he comes close and coughs at her without a mask. After that she takes the children out of the store and leaves. “It took 30 seconds to finish 15 minutes of aggressive behavior,” wrote the American, adding that after the incident, pass a test for the coronavirus and will call the police.

In late July, the court arrested pokachevskoe on Sprague woman, 52-year-old Debra hunter. She was released on bail in 753 USD. The woman will appear before court on August 19.