American burned a check for 1200 dollars, which he sent by mail the US government as support during anticreasing quarantine. A rebel said that his freedom is not for sale. Video from the protest was circulated in social networks.

“Look what I got in the mail today. This is my stimulus check from the government,” says the American in the video.

However, the owner of the cheque does not look pleased. He said that the authorities will not be able to shut him mouth and take away freedom. Freedom is not for sale.

In the end, the American burn check, and the operator shooting video, upset by the destruction of money: “don’t do that, I would have taken it” – he exclaims.

The Americans, observing the insulation, get a check in the mail for $ 1200 from the authorities, the so-called “COVID-19 stimulus check”.

A large part of the population uses money purchasing products. There are those who fundamentally refuses the check. There are the originals. So, a Texas resident bought relying on him a payment of hundreds of hot dogs and burgers, and cooked them to their neighbors.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that donors of blood plasma with antibodies to the coronavirus in Moscow will begin to receive incentive payments.