LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the situation with the riots in the U.S. could lead to a "revolutionary change" in the country.

The cities of the United States, a wave of protests and unrest after the death at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. One of the officers, who came with his knee on the neck of the Floyd during the arrest, was charged with negligent homicide.

"America is on the verge of revolution. It is urgent to send representatives of leftist and radical organizations. Give them a task to find in the USA Angela Davis and ask her to lead the people’s protest. Then, perhaps, this revolution will succeed, and the tramp, dressed in woman’s clothes, on the car of the Russian Embassy in Washington will run away to Russia," wrote Zhirinovsky in the telegram.

The politician also believes that it is appropriate to visit the strife-ridden cities, representatives of Regardie to "give some advice to" local national guard.

"It will be rich experience for the protection of citizens from violence", — concluded the politician.

A number of States used for riot control on its territory the National guard. Advisor to the President of Donald trump’s national security, Robert O'Brien noted that the American leader is not going to use the National guard at the Federal level.