Under the bill, permits the holding of pre-trip, pre-shift, post-trip, boleznennogo medical examination with application of telemedical technologies.

This applies to employees of enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed people.

With the help of the online examination is proposed to identify deviations in the parameters of state of health, look for signs of alcohol or narcotic and psychotropic substances. If the physician suspected the driver, he is sent for a medical examination with carrying out chemico-Toxicological studies, the authors explained.

In this study, according to the amendments proposed must perform every six months.

Enter any of the online examinations, employers will decide for themselves, offered to the initiators.

– Remote medical examination will help maintain the discipline of the driver before the flight, – stated in the explanatory Memorandum. – Also, when held for the photo opportunity and video recording status of each driver and the result of his inspection.

In the end, it will improve road safety, will allow to optimize costs for employers, according to deputies.